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"There are so many amazing people in the World with incredible stories that will never be heard. I've helped change that
and I love it"

Bradley Chapman

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Changing Lives By Creating a Platform For You to Grow as an Incredibly Gifted Global Speaker

Bradley has Spoken on Stages In The UK
USA Ireland
Poland Spain and Canada

He is Endorsed By LES BROWN
One of The Top Motivational Speakers of All Time 

About Bradley Chapman

Bradley is an incredibly talented business consultant and brand strategist. During his career he has woked with clients and brands such as Walt Disney, George Michael, The Spice Girls and Coca Cola

He has interviewed World leading experts and entrepreneurs as well inspirational and influential World class speakers incuding Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Dr John Demaritni and many more.

Bradley is a seasoned bussiness coach, presenter, journalist and executive interim director. He has worked for small startup directors right through Blue Chip and Fortune 500 companies. 

Bradley is no stranger to Adversity. His pursuit and dedication to help coach and train people all over the World to raise their voices and share thier stories, empowering them to empower others in the process, has been with him since he was a young house captain at school. 

Brad's journey continues and he welcomes you to share your story... 

"Your Success Is Determined By The Levels of Energy and Attitude That You Put Into Your Personal and Business Growth"

Bradley Chapman

Motivated Mindset

A motivated mind can think see and act more clearly

Speaking Delivery

How you delivery your speech is everything

Execute & Execute

We must execute and keep executing every single day

Your True Story

Share your story and you'll share your truth

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Speaker Magazine

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"Prepare Yourself Mentally and Follow My Growth Training Programs With Passion and Purpose and You Will Achieve a New Level of Speaking Success"

Bradley Chapman

Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve's New
Digitally Interactive Global Speakers Magazine

The much anticipated digitally interactive global magazine for motivational, inspirational and educational speakers delivering life stories, real life education and transformational content. 

Speaker Factor magazine is brought to you by Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve's founder and CEO Bradley Chapman. Bradley is an international speaker who has spoken alongside World leading speakers and experts including Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Dr John Demartini, Les Brown and Raymond Aaron. He is also endorsed by Les Brown and was instrumental in the success of Les Brown in London in 2018

He is also the former editor in chief of a successful business magazine and a widely connected journalist, having interviewed incredibly successful entrepreneurs such as David Gold, Jacqueline Gold, Ducan Bannatyne, Richard Farleigh, Simon Sugar (Lord Sugars Son), Deborah Meaden, Bernie Swain, Brad Sugars, Rachel Elnaugh and Sunday Times Rich List Mr Alfie Best.

“The only people that fail are the one's who face setbacks and give up on themselves. Don't ever give up and don't get bitter, just GET BETTER 

Bradley Chapman

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How Do We Help Aspiring and Successful Public Speakers to Grow on the Inside and Be Seen on The Outside?

We Provide a Platform That Enables You To Be Seen
Be Heard and Get Booked

By providing grass roots speaker training and coaching alongside business consultancy, company startup websites and branding we can take you all the way to achieve global speaking success in your chosen field of expertise.

If you already have your brand then we will publish you in our global digitally interactive magazine, advertise you in our international directory and then we will interview live on air and even place an international YYC ITA speakers award in your hand

Exposure #1

Exposure #1
Get Yourself Entered into the Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve Speakers Awards
and Become an Award Winning Speaker for our
January 2020 Event

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Exposure #2
Get Yourself Listed in Speaker Factor
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Exposure #3
Get Yourself a LIVE Interview Secured With Bradley Chapman
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Exposure #4
Get Yourself Listed in Speaker Factor
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Exposure #5
Get Yourself Entered into Bradley Chapman's Speaker Factor
Elite Business Groowth Coaching Program
(By Invitation Only) 

Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve's Speaker Factor Training, Coaching and Marketing Programs Have Been Created for Individual Aspring and Experienced Motivational, Inspirational and Educational Speakers, Corporate Client Teams, Middle and Senior Managers to be Able to Commnicate With Passion and Purpose

  • Who Can Join

    Can anyone become an award winning speaker delivering inspirational and educational content YES!

  • What Will You Learn

    Can i get speaker training and help to format my speaking business and career YES!

  • Who Will Train Me

    You will be trained directly by Bradley Chapman and his inspirational team of trainers, coaches, mentors and consultants

  • Do We Encourage Aspiring Speakers

    Can i advertise in Speaker Factors directory, magazine and feature on their live facebook channel as an aspiring speaker YES!

  • Can I Progress My Speaking Career

    We provide you with a platform to grow as an international speaker. You have to decide how much action you take and execution you make

  • Are there Any Limits to My Growth

    No! The only limits that you have are the limits of your own mind, the limits of your own ability and the limits of just how much you really want your speaking career to grow

Yes I Want To Work Hard and Become an Incredible Speaker

Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve

Speaker Factor



With Guest Speaker Mr Alfie Best Sunday Times Rich List & Global Property Expert With Business Interests Valued at Over £700 Million Pounds

Our Next Speaker Awards Are Being Held in January 2020 Reserve Your Award Winning Speaker Slot Now

This Is an Educational Event
We Do Not Sell From Stage!

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Full Speaker
Training Day

Full day speaker training with Bradley Chapman. Your Complete Speaker Story Book Created
Your event kicks off at 9am and the day will be explosively impactful. You will be in a small and elite group of up to 12 people (MAXIMUM) 

Speakers Awards

It's Time For The Main Event and You Will Be Coming to Stage and Collecting Your Speakers Award
You will be video'd and photographed and your speaker journey will have started. Don't forget to advertise in the new Speaker Factor 2020 international directory and secure your page advert in the Speaker Factor digital magazine. 

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  • Stage Speaking Time
  • Lunch and Dinner Saturday

  • 18-19th January 2020

Winning a YYC ITA Speakers Award Increases Your Personal Credibility. The Award Increases Your Personal and Business Brand Value, Helps You to Win New Clients and Helps You Retain Your Existing Clients Through Ongoing Social Media Marketing

The are so many factors that can determine how successful you
will be come
as a motivational speaker but if you
don't beleive in your own story then no one else will

Bradley Chapman

Live & Unleashed

Bradley Chapman is an
Award Winning World Class Business Coach
Motivational Speaker , Award Winning Author
Presenter & Broadcaster
and Global Change Specialist.

He is also Endorsed by Les Brown...
One of the World's Most Successful

Motivational Speakers 

Bradley's speaking, coaching and business career has spaanned over 30 years. His live broadcasts and and social media coverage has resulted in over 100 million views, likes shares and comments. NOW he is going totally live and unleashed and he has vowed to be as RAW, OPEN and CONGRUENT as he has always been but with one MASSIVE TWIST.............

.................In these new live streams and broadcasts he is going to deliver some of the most EDUCATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT of His LIFE

Bradley Chapman's and Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve's Clients, Interviews and Collaborators

Alfie Best 

Dr John Demartini

Brad Sugars

Greg Walker

Simon Sugar

Armand Morin

Richard Farleigh

David Gold

Duncan Bannatyne

Deborah Meaden

Tony J Selimi

Doug Richard 

Jacqueline Gold

Bernie Swain

Charlie Mullins

Marie Cosgrove

Lee McQueen


Bob Proctor

Caprice Bourret

Raymond Aaron

Phil Hall

Max Clifford 

Maj James Hewitt

Les Brown

Levi Roots

Doug Vermeeren

Stephen Less

Simon Dolan 

James Halliburton

Bradley Chapman is an
Award Winning Business Coach
Motivational Speaker , Award Winning
Presenter, Broadcaster
and Business Brand Delivery Strategist 

Here Are Some Of Bradley's
Previous Clients

Hear What Bradley's Clients Have To Say

Bradley Has Trained, Mentored, Coached and Inspired Thousand's of
People During His Career...... 

  • Brad is a true professional, reliable and trust worthy. His clients come first. Highly recommended and he has a good business concept with his company
    Simon Sugar
  • Bradley facilitated Imparture's Sales based training courses across the UK on Key Account Management and Sales Fundamentals. He proved himself to be an outstanding trainer, who consistently received top scores and feedback from his delegates. Bradley was very motivational and inspirational. Full of real world examples and stories. I would be delighted to work with Bradley again in the future and would strongly recommend him for future training/speaking engagements
    Joanna Gillespe
  • I found Bradley to be one of the most humbling and inspiring people that I have ever met. You are a giant amongst men Bradley. From my wife and myself Thank you
    Mark Stephens

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